Friday, October 31, 2014

The Cutest Turkeys!

Turkey Preschool Craft

We went for the nature walk and found a handsome turkey! The weather was the best for walks. We spent all the time we could find outside. Our awesome local parks welcomed us in the most gorgeous fall beauty.

For one of our walks, I took a pair of scissors. We found the prettiest grasses and cut them to make a bouquet. This activity turned out great: when My Firefly had to pick and choose, she had to pay more attention to the signs of fall and the beauty of nature. She also enjoyed gathering pine cones, acorns, and buckeyes. Thanks to the short attention span: I had just enough of these "treasures" to deal with.

Preschool Thanksgiving Craft

We made our turkey as a table centerpiece for Thanksgiving. The turkey's tail consists of 2 parts. Pictured below: I cut a circle out of the paper plate, then cut the circle into 2 halves. My Firefly used paper leaves and a glue stick to cover the first semicircle in a pretty pattern. We arranged our bouquet of grasses on the second semicircle, covered it with the leaves; and I stapled the two together.

The second part of the tail: I folded a printer paper as a fan. My Firefly painted the stripes in fall colors.

Then I stapled the two together again. The colored paper helps with showcasing the beauty of the fall leaves and grasses. My Firefly loves her turkey!

Turkey Craft for Kids

To attach the large bushy tale to a pine cone, I used a stapler again. Probably the hot glue gun would work - I found the stapler a quick and easy tool.

I stapled the middle part of a brown chenille stem to the back of the tale in 3 points. Then I just tightened the tail around the cone. 2 more chenille stems are used for legs. Eyes: pom-poms with the googly eyes. A piece of a red chenille stem folded in two goes around the turkey's beak.

Turkey Preschool Activities

I'd love to feature several activities I hand picked for us to do in November (see the collage below).

A fun turkey game for learning sight words from B-Inspired Mama. The beautiful colors of the turkey's tail should be engaging and fun while practicing sight words. I love this idea!

Fine motor skills turkey from Rubber Boots and Elf Shoes. The felt turkey has buttons for attaching the tail's feathers. This is a great fine motor skills activity... and we need some practice with the buttons.

Gratitude turkey - a chocolate bar wrapper from The Educators' Spin On It. This craft is easy, pretty, and creative, but the most important: My Firefly needs to learn about gratitude. The activity includes a free printable - awesome!

A turkey puzzle from Sunny Day Family. The handsome turkey promises hours of fun while learning about the bird of the season.

Invitation to play: COMPARE AND CONTRAST One of our favorite activities: assemble the birds while learning about same and different through play.

Happy Turkey Crafting!

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