Monday, February 9, 2015

Rainbow Fish Crafts and Play for Toddlers

Fun Play with Elmo, Dorothy, and Her Friends

We were reading the very best Rainbow Fish books. That's when My Firefly realized that Elmo has a fish too... and she does not leave in the ocean. That led us to the water transfer activity, Elmo craft, and extra play with the ocean animals. Our previous Ocean Animals post can be found here: First Look at Ocean Animals.


Ocean Animals and a Water Transfer Activity

 "The Rainbow Fish Counting" and "The Rainbow Fish and the Big Blue Whale" by Marcus Pfister are a couple of books from the Rainbow Fish series we found first. These cute books teach kindness and friendship, as well as introduce little readers to the ocean world.

Our tube of ocean animals and colorful rocks for the water tank was a present from a friend. Thank you! First, My Firefly played with the colorful rocks and sorted them onto our rainbow worksheet found here: Building a Rainbow. They make a water transfer activity that much more exciting. My Firefly practiced this important life skill again and again while learning her ocean animals names.

Dorothy's Water Tank

The kids were big fans of everything Elmo at a time. So we had to make a water tank for Dorothy. Yes, you guessed right - it is a former peanut butter jar. It turned out to be just the right size and allowed for practicing with the lead.

Dorothy lived there for a while swimming around the rocks and sea weed. She even got fed; and Elmo came to talk to his fish!

Elmo Craft

This simple craft was very loved one. We reviewed the letter E with it. As pictured below: a big red circle, a small orange circle, 2 black circles, black mouth shape, and googly eyes. I wrote letters E with her watching and she colored them with Do-a-Dot markers.

Before gluing it all together, I offered the parts for a free play. This picture puzzle is challenging enough for tots and great for practicing fine motor skills and creating a face.

Learning sizes with Elmo

  • Kids arranged Elmos by size with assistance
  • An adult outlined each picture while a kid was watching.
  • The pictures got removed again. Tots had to find one picture at a time to match to its outline.
  • Tots used a glue stick. The sizes were reviewed and named again while working with the glue.

The Rainbow Fish and The Big Blue Whale Can Share

We had a simple theatre performance. The "stage" is a picture of the ocean folded in two. The fish and the whale talk to each other, ask for a turn to eat the krill, say "Can you share?" and "Thank you". Oh, sharing is not an easy business!

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